Triton 2.0 Inside Waistband IWB Holster


Triton 2.0 Inside Waistband IWB Holster

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Triton 2.0 inside the waistband kydex holster. Includes 2 grip hooks to allow carry with and without a belt. Adjustable Mod Wing attached to minimize printing. Comes in a variety of colors. Handmade in the USA. Please contact us about any additional models not seen in the drop down list.

LIGHTS/LASERS: If you would like to add a light and/or laser bearing to your holster it is an additional $15 charge. Just select the model you would like from the drop down menu, the price will adjust automatically.


Triton 2.0 inside the waistband kydex holster. Includes 2 grip hooks to allow carry with and without a belt. Adjustable Mod Wing attached to minimize printing. Comes in a variety of colors. Handmade in the USA. Please contact us about any additional models not seen in the drop down list.


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Beretta Model 92A1, Beretta 92FS with rail, Beretta 92FS no rail, Beretta APX, Beretta M9A3, 1911 3” EMP, 1911 5 inch with rail, 1911 5 inch no rail, Canik TP9SFX, Canik Rival, Canik Mete MC9, CZ P01, CZ P07, CZ P09, CZ P10 C, CZ P10 S, CZ 75D PCR Compact, CZ 75 SP01 Phantom, CZ RAMI 2075, CZ Shadow 2, FN Reflex, FN 503, FN 509, FN 509 Tactical, FN 509 Compact, FN 510 / FN 545, FN 5.7, FN 5.7 MRD MK3, FNS 9/40, FNS9C, FNX40, FNX 45 Full Size, FNX 45 Full Size Tactical, Glock 17/22/31, Glock 19/23/32, Glock 19X, Glock 20/21, Glock 26/27/33, Glock 30, Glock 34/35, Glock 41, Glock 42, Glock 43, Glock 43X, Glock 43X MOS, Glock 48, Glock 48 MOS, Glock Poly 80 P80 PF940 (G17), Glock Poly 80 P80 PF940C (G19), HK P2000, HK p2000sk, HK p30, HK p30L, HK p30sk, HK vp9, HK vp9sk, HK vp40, HK USP 9/40, HK USP .45 Compact, IWI Masada, Kimber Micro 9, Kimber Micro 9 w/ laser grip, Kimber Micro 380, Kimber Ultra Carry II (2), M&P Full Size .45, M&P Shield 9, M&P Shield 9/40 4in, M&P Shield 45, M&P Shield 380 EZ, M&P 2.0 5" 9/40, M&P 2.0 5” 45/10mm, M&P 2.0 4.25in 9/40, M&P 4in M2.0 Compact 9mm, PSA Dagger Compact 9mm, PSA Rock 5.7 x28, Ruger 5.7, Ruger LC9, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCP gen 2, Ruger LCP Max, Ruger SR 40 Compact, Ruger SR9C, Ruger SR9 Full size, S&W CSX, S&W M&P 5.7, S&W M&P Compact 22, S&W M&P 22 Magnum, S&W SD9VE, SCCY CPX1 w/safety, Sig Sauer 2022, Sig Sauer P220, Sig Sauer P226, Sig Sauer P226 X5 Full Size, Sig Sauer P229, Sig Sauer P238, Sig Sauer P320 C, Sig Sauer P320 Full Size, Sig P320 X5 Full Size, Sig Sauer P320 X Carry, Sig P320 Xten, Sig Sauer P320 M17, Sig Sauer P322, Sig Sauer P365, Sig Sauer P365XL, Sig P365X Macro, Sig P365 w/ Lima Laser, Sig Sauer P938, Springfield Echelon, Springfield Hellcat, Springfield Hellcat PRO, Springfield Prodigy 1911, Springfield XD 40 Sub Compact, Springfield Armory MOD 2, Springfield XD9, Springfield XDE 3.3, Springfield XDS 4.0, Springfield XDS 3.3, Springfield XDS 3.3 .45, Springfield XDS Mod 2 3.3, Springfield Armory XDM 3.8, STI 2011 with rail, STI 2011 no rail, STI Tactical 5.0, STI Staccato 2011 C9 / C2, Taurus G2C, Taurus G3C, Taurus PT 111 Gen 2 (NO LIGHTS/LASERS!), Walther CCP, Walther Creed, Walther PDP 4”, Walther PDP 4.5”, Walther PDP 5”, Walther PK380, Walther PPS M2


Left Handed, Right Handed

Kydex Pattern

Elephant Gray, Police Blue, Firefighter Red, Safety Orange, Marine Green, Infantry Green, FDE Tan Carbon Fiber, Desert Tan Carbon Fiber, Coyote Carbon Fiber, Black Carbon Fiber, Black, Olive Drab, Spring Tan, Fall Tan, Blue Carbon Fiber, Gray Carbon Fiber, Red Carbon Fiber, Tiffany Blue Carbon Fiber, Jade Carbon Fiber, Zombie Green, Zombie Green Carbon Fiber, Tiffany Blue, Bubble Gum Pink, Olive Drab Carbon Fiber, Purple Carbon Fiber

Add Laser/Light?

Yes ($15), No

Laser/Light Options

None, Surefire x300, Surefire X300U, Streamlight TLR1, Streamlight TLR2, Streamlight TLR3, Streamlight TLR6, Streamlight TLR7, Streamlight TLR-7 Sub (Specify Which Sub Model), Streamlight TLR8, Streamlight TLR-8 Sub (Specify Which Sub Model), Streamlight TLR9, Sig Foxtrot 1, Viridian C5L Original Gen 1, Viridian X5L (Original Version), Viridian X5L Gen 2, Viridian X5L Gen 3, Inforce APL, Inforce APLC, Olight PL Mini 1, Olight PL Mini 2, Olight PL-2 / Pro, Olight PL-3, Olight Baldr PRO, Olight Baldr S, Olight Baldr PRO R, Olight Baldr Mini, Olight Baldr Mini w/ Tactical Dev Rail (P365/XL), Olight Baldr Mini w/ Recover Rail (P365/ XL), Crimson Trace CMR 201, Crimson Trace CMR 203, Crimson Trace CMR 204/205, Crimson Trace CMR 206, Crimson Trace CMR 207, Crimson Trace CMR 208, Crimson Trace CMR 209, LG-499, Nightstick TWM-350, Nightstick TWM-30, Nightstick TCM-550XL, Nightstick TCM-550XLS, Modlite PL350, Holosun PID


No, Yes ($25)

16 reviews for Triton 2.0 Inside Waistband IWB Holster

  1. Edward Chaplauske (verified owner)

    Upon first receiving the holster in the mail, I wore it for 10 hours straight 5 of those hours were unintentional (I fell asleep on the couch).

    The fit and finish is amazing. No sharp edges. Everything has been rounded and shaped nicely. Retention is solid as f. There is no kydex shavings on the gun from holstering and drawing. There is an audible click once the gun is in place. It is adjustable as is ride height. It has a built in sweat guard.

    The positioning of the clips and claw are perfect to angle the gun closer in to your body which works amazing at the 1 o’clock position. That is my preferred way to carry, though I feel this style holster is good in just about any position.

    The kydex doesn’t dig into my legs or pelvis at all when I have to sit or be in the car. I can even sit on the couch in any relaxed position and i don’t feel the gun digging into me.

    The quality of kydex is just as good if not better of the big brands in the business. This is the second holster I have bought from neptune concealment.

  2. Jimmy Blankenship (verified owner)

    I also fell asleep on the couch wearing this holster the first day I got it. Super comfortable. You get that audible *click* when you holster the weapon, and have a nice smooth draw from the holster as well. Retention and ride height are adjustable to get that perfect feel no matter where you carry. I have a lot of good things to say about this holster and company, and not a single bad thing.

  3. Doug

    Excellent fit and finish. Just got it adjusted and am wearing it around the house. Never thought about concealing a larger fun but I’m pulling off a CZ P-09 in the Triton 2.0. Love everything about it so far! Great work, Neptune. Look forward to trying another model when the need arises.

  4. Doug

    Excellent fit and finish. Just got it adjusted and am wearing it around the house. Never thought about concealing a larger gun but I’m pulling off a CZ P-09 in the Triton 2.0. Love everything about it so far! Great work, Neptune. Look forward to trying another model when the need arises.

  5. Robert (verified owner)

    I was having a lot of difficulty finding a holster for my FNS-9C that would allow me to have a weapon mounted light as well (I have a TLR-7A) and I came here by the recommendation of a friend. I also opted to have an optic cut in the holster to allow for a red dot sight in the future. The fit and finish of my holster is great and I will definitely be buying more in the future if the need arises. Thank you!

  6. Brent Christensen (verified owner)

    Took a bit to get here but worth the wait. Pretty comfortable and adjustable. Will probably buy again.

  7. fabiobuen0 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this holster. This is the second holster i’ve ordered from Neptune Concealment and I am 100% sure to order from them next time I need another one. Solid retention, very comfortable, and it’s at a lower price then most custom holster companies i’ve seen. It also comes with extra screws and rings just in case you need it which is great. I work at a gun shop and I always recommend this company every time someone asks about holsters.

  8. Frank (verified owner)

    I got this holster for my P2000SK and used the ADD A LIGHT item for an Olight PL Mini 2. Not only was Neptune concealment the only ones who I could find who would make a holster for this combo but they had the AIWB with Claw configuration I wanted. It’s a really high quality holster and very comfortable as well. I’ll be purchasing again from Neptune Concealment. Thank you guys. 5/5 stars!

  9. Jon

    This is my second holster from Neptune. The first was a Nestor for my M&P, and this one for my Glock. I waited a few weeks to leave a review so I could fairly assess it, and it’s amazing. I wear it all day (12-16 hours) and it’s almost like it’s not there. There’s no soreness, no harsh rubbing, no pain. I carry appendix IWB while driving, walking or jogging on construction sites, or sitting at my desk comfortably. I highly recommend the Triton 2.0 to all my friends and constantly in online forums/ gun pages. If you’re thinking about it, just buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

  10. Jacob Andrews (verified owner)

    Took a little longer than I had hoped but it is the ONLY place I’ve found that will do any light and gun combination in a folded style holster. It was well worth the wait. With having a light it looked like it would be bulky and uncomfortable but after holstering my edc and putting the holster on…. I hardly felt it. It holds super secure and clicks when properly seated. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is superb. I can’t find a rough edge on it and believe me I looked and looked. Definately will be back for other items. Can’t wait to try out the paddle OWB holster I ordered.

  11. Leo Dey (verified owner)

    I have 3 IWB holsters from Neptune Concealment now. They are by far my most used holsters out of the many that I own. I purchased all 3 as light bearing holsters and they all function flawlessly. I recommend going with the carbon fiber material as it is a little more comfortable and smoother. This company has outstanding customer service and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them any day to anyone looking for a great IWB holster.

  12. Tyler K (verified owner)

    Just got mine in the mail recently. Wait time was very reasonable. After adjusting to my preference, the fit and wearability is awesome.
    This holster had all the features I have come to love in a kydex holster, only missing a sweat guard. I asked for one when I placed the order and received it on the holster for my Springfield EMP with a notch perfectly added for the oversized safety. Nice attention to detail on a custom addition at no extra cost.
    I am extremely impressed with the level of precise care put into the crafting of this holster. It checks all the boxes for me in what I was looking for. Having gone through dozens of holsters, I can say these guys know how to do it right.
    Additionally, they included extra parts, screws, washers, etc for extra custom fitting. It’s honestly crazy that they offer such an awesome product for such a reasonable price. Do not hesitate to buy one.
    Also, the wallet was a freebie, but it’s actually kind of rad too.

    My only complaint is that I didn’t find Neptune sooner. Seriously. It’s basically as good as holsters get.

  13. frenchfrydoug (verified owner)

    Absolutely impressed with the quality of this holster. Out of the box, it fit perfectly. I’m a small guys, so subcompacts have usually been first choice to carry. I’ve never been able to find a holster that was comfortable and kept me from printing with my G19. Like some of the other reviewers said, I hardly even realize it’s there. 100% will get my business again.

  14. Landon E

    Great holster! Love the fit on my 43x and the fall tan tops it off!

  15. Miles

    I got it for the Canik TP9SFX with an optics cut and suppressor height sights.

    Holster it pretty good. Carrys well, comfortable because of the sweat guard, no pinching. The only problem I had is that I don’t think that Neptune Concealment took into account that the TP9SFX comes with an extended magazine release, and it would pinch it out. I just took a dremmel with a cutting head and cut it so that it cleared the mag release. Now it’s a great holster.

    So if you’re ordering for the TP9SFX, or you have an extended mag release, be sure and mention it when ordering or be prepared to cut your holster.

  16. Eli (verified owner)

    I got this holster for my P2000SK V3 and I absolutely love it. I’m glad that I got an outstanding holster for my first pistol! It has a very audible click, and slides smoothly in and out. Can’t get better than Neptune Concealment.

    It holds very nice on gym shorts and pants without belts. This is truly a versatile holster, as you can use it without having to wear a belt all the time.

    It’s also very comfortable for AIWB or any IWB carry. Walked around with it and it never felt uncomfortable, nor did I feel a need to adjust it constantly.

    Overall, if you’re on the fence on whether you want to buy this holster or not, JUST GET IT! I promise you it won’t disappoint. Also, the customer service is very friendly. They are very nice people at Neptune Concealment.

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