Our holsters and accessories are veteran made and 100% made in the USA. We strive to provide reasonably priced, long-lasting and well designed products. Please allow for a 7 Business Day build time on your  handmade holster (excluding custom prints and special orders).

Neptune Concealment

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We are Neptune Concealment of Tampa, Florida. Owned and operated by veterans in the good old U.S. of A. We’re just small company specializing in designing and creating custom handmade holsters to order, wallets, EDC trays, and accessories. Our holsters use positive retention and can be worn for concealed, open carry, or just a precautionary measure to safely hold your chosen model.

We started building as we were tired of using subpar gear or purchasing expensive top name brand equipment with 6-8 week lead times. The end result was a few humble veterans making inexpensive, yet well-proven holsters and equipment. We have a 7 business day lead time for the creation of your custom designed holster. Our customer service is second to none and that’s a promise. We build to just about anything available on the market which includes special requests or mosts modifications, just ask!

Thank you for choosing Neptune Concealment as we are happy to continue to serve!